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Stacked Jewelry is In: The Top Jewelry Design Trends in 2018

BY Peter Vey    |    15 May, 2018
This year presents some interesting jewelry design choices from brands new and old. The jewelry landscape is constantly changing

This year presents some interesting jewelry design choices from brands new and old.


The jewelry landscape is constantly changing, with new trends appearing and styles from the past resurfacing. Here’s a look at some of the hottest jewelry styles from the runway and beyond:

Layered and Stacked Jewelry Grows in Popularity

Layering and stacking continues to trend, and consumers consistently love to mix and match new pieces and keep their jewelry collection fresh. Jewelry marketing should make sure to emphasize this aspect of a collection and showcase how different pieces of jewelry can work well together, not just as an individual purchase.

Of course, if marketed successfully, this means increased sales when consumers buy multiple products. Offering products at a lower price point that are meant to mix together is a particularly good strategy for Millennials, who have less spending power than Gen X and might be hesitant to go for that one expensive necklace.

Brooches, Beaded Bracelets, and Mismatched Earrings

Gemstone bead bracelets are enjoying some time in the spotlight, but instead of the usual intricate designs, these accessories are more on the minimalist side. Think simple, yet elegant and luxurious.

Brooches are also big this year, and are a featured highlight on 2018 fashion runways. This traditional jewelry piece goes in and out of fashion, but expect to see shoppers seeking out interesting and intricate high-end brooches to complement their fashion.  

Finally, asymmetrical earrings are trendy is 2018. Millennials are embracing quirky, unique jewelry, so it’s no wonder mismatched earrings are catching customer attention. Usually these earrings are paired in the same metal and color to appear cohesive.

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More Variety of Colored Jewelry 

While it might be common to walk into a jewelry store and see the same old crystal clear diamond jewelry lining the shelves, times are changing and consumers are seeking out more variety in color for their diamonds and beyond, especially when it comes to engagement rings

As this decade wraps up, expect to see an increased demand for darker and “naturalistic” gemstones. For instance, black and brown diamonds are becoming popular for those consumers who want a more unique, earthy look.


While some of these might be fashionable fads that disappear come next year’s fashion shows, we’re sure to see many of these continue to trend for years to come.

  By Peter Vey on 05/15/2018