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Top 6 Engagement Ring Trends of 2018

BY    |    25 June, 2018
These ring styles are super trendy right now. Jewelry trends change with the seasons and this year we can expect

These ring styles are super trendy right now.

Jewelry trends change with the seasons and this year we can expect to see a mixture of unconventional and timeless engagement ring styles that'll be calling for your Instagram feed. Especially with the recent 2018 celeb engagements of Meghan Markle, Paris Hilton, and Cardi B., much attention has shifted on which designs are the most fashionable and finger flattering right now.

So if you’re planning your engagement but are short on ring ideas, or just need a little inspiration, these top six trends may help you find what you’re looking for:

Man Gives Blue Sapphire Ring to His Partner

1. Pear Shaped Diamonds

The single-stoned solitaire look will always be a classic and both Paris Hilton and Cardi B have been proposed to with a pear-shaped diamond ring. A subtle yet statement-making alternative to the traditional oval style, a pear shape would be your best bet for an effortless and elegant choice.

2. Three-Stone Ring

The three-stoned ring has recently been pushed back into the spotlight thanks to this year’s royal engagement. Meghan Markle’s triple-stoned sparkler has been a source of inspiration for many, with the two smaller stones previously belonging to Princess Diana - talk about the ultimate family tradition!

This style would of course be great for those with heirlooms and overall for individuality and customization. There are so many different ways you can combine different diamond colors and shapes with a three-stoned setting. Plus, two side stones accompanying a center diamond piece will outwardly enhance your ring’s sparkle size and make it seem like you are getting a bit more bling for your buck.

Beautiful 3 Stone Gold Ring

3. East-West Engagement Ring

2018 is all for turning diamonds to the side as well as turning heads in the engagement ring aisle. A ring set east-west versus the typical up and down stone placement is easily the best way to put a playful little twist on the traditional engagement look.

East-west settings suit elongated stone shapes like ovals, pears, marquises, and emerald-cuts, and are perfect for those who want to keep it simple but less mundane. They are also considered to be more suitable for everyday wear than other designs, which is a win-win for the ideal engagement ring.

4. Colored Gemstone Engagement Rings

If you happen not to be the diamond type or just want to try something different, you can’t go wrong with having a colored gemstone as the main glimmering attraction. Sapphires, rubies, and emeralds can represent something very unique and special for every kind of bride-to-be. To learn more about colored gemstone engagement rings, check out our colored gemstone infographic. Or if you're interested, read up on trendy black diamond engagement rings

Ring with Red Gemstone

5. Stacked Engagement Rings

You won’t have to worry about having a boring ring on your finger with this one a stacked or multi-banded engagement ring is one trend that’s guaranteed to set yourself apart from the crowd. We’ve seen stacked jewelry become popular on the fashion scene, but it’s finding its way on the fine jewelry side as well.

You can personalize your ring and make it unique by incorporating a combination of different band styles and metals, such as gold with rose gold or silver and platinum. Either way, you are sure to create a chic and modern engagement look.

6. Rose Gold Rings

Who says vintage can’t be trendy? A rose gold engagement ring is not only easy on the eyes but (ironically) offers a vintage vibe that will keep you from never going out of style. Traditional yellow gold tends to be more gaudy while a dainty, warm rose tint meets perfectly on the verge of simplicity and classiness. This beautiful style only seems to be getting more popular every year, and is known as a surprisingly affordable option and flattering for all skin tones.

Vintage Rose Gold Engagement Ring That Showcases Jewelry Trends

It seems many future brides are beginning to acquire a taste for eccentric ring finger bling this wedding season.  Whether it be following a contemporary trend or going with a more vintage look, the rock of choice is totally up to each individual bride-to-be. If 2018 looks like your year to pop the question, you won’t want to pass up on these currently favorited styles!

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By Lilly Duong on 06/25/2018