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Ring Stacking 101: How to Create Amazing Ring Combos

BY Peter Vey    |    24 April, 2017
While some jewelry trends are only passing fads, ring stacking is one popular trend that seems to be only gaining popularity in recent years.

While some jewelry trends are only passing fads, ring stacking is one popular trend that seems to be only gaining popularity in recent years. People from every walk of life have taken up the art of ring stacking, from Manhattan fashionistas to Williamsburg artists, to celebrities showcasing their style at the Oscars. It’s safe to say that ring stacking will continue to be a relevant phenomenon in the fashion and jewelry world for years to come.

An Individual's Style

Each individual approaches the art of ring stacking in their own unique way. It’s important to remember that there is no one “correct” type of combination of rings. What works for one particular aesthetic may not work for another. In order to find the right combination, the wearer must think about what kind of mood, feeling or style works best for what they are trying to express.

Ring Stacking Basics

Here are some easy guidelines for basic ring stacking. 

Option #1: Ring Stacking with Similar Rings

If you’re looking for something simple and elegant, perhaps to add onto your anniversary band or wedding band, you can’t go wrong with stacking rings made of the same metal, such as a rows of rose gold or silver rings adorned on different fingers.

Option #2: Mixing and Matching Your Jewelry Collection

Stacking rings made of different metals can give your jewelry fashion a chic and modern appeal. As long as the differences between your rings are more subtle than glaring, don’t be afraid to mix and match your jewelry collection. In addition, try to choose semi-precious stones that complement each other in some way.

The Size and Number of Your Rings

The Importance of Hand Size

If you have small hands, then you want to focus on choosing less rings and smaller pieces. Thinner rings tend to look better on small hands as well. Of course, if you have larger hands than average or long fingers, you’ll be able to fit more rings with larger width. As long as your hands don’t look overly crowded, then you can stack as many rings as you like.

Adding a Statement Ring

Generally, it’s a good idea to have only one large statement ring when stacking. This way, you can show off your dazzling piece, without distracting from your other rings. If you have too many breathtaking pieces on one hand, it may come off as too clunky or strong.

Make it Your Own

In the end, the most important element of ring stacking is that it allows for flexibility and uniqueness. Even if you don’t order custom-made jewelry and simply choose rings from a store, the way you decide to combine your rings is truly and uniquely your individual style. The order and combination you choose for your jewelry differentiates you from anybody else, and your distinctive arrangement makes it your own work of art.