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Layered Necklaces 101

BY CadCamNYC Staff    |    17 July, 2018
Let’s face it — wearing one necklace at a time can get a little boring. Thankfully there’s necklace layering

Keep these tips in mind when layering it up!

Let’s face it  wearing one necklace at a time can get a little boring. Thankfully there’s necklace layering, which has been one jewelry trend that never seems to die out.

It also never fails to set off a chain reaction of inspiration. Maybe you’ve seen a few of your friends and favorite celebs rock this in vogue look. Or you’ve most likely seen it a million times on Instagram or Pinterest sported by a chicly dressed model with wavy locks and a sun-kissed tan.

Fashionable Woman Wearing Layered Necklaces

All in all, it’s no wonder why layered necklaces are a timeless trend, as it is perfect for making a fashion statement in the most effortless way. Better yet, it is a trend that anyone can easily pull off.  However, you don’t want your layering to look tacky or become tangled with every other move you make.

Below are some tasteful tips to bear in mind when layering your neck pieces:

Go bottom-up.

To make sure you’ve achieved a fair balance of chains and pendants, a good rule of thumb is to start with the longest necklace for the first layer and then eyeball which of the shorter ones will best harmonize the look and keep everything in order. When you know what your base is, this could also help you draw different ideas from the ones you had originally imagined.

Third time's a charm?

Many people may think that layering is easy to do as long as you wear three necklaces at most and keep a good space between each. This is indeed true, but if you really want to make a statement, don’t be afraid to go the extra mile!

Rihanna is one pop icon known for going all out with stacking her jewels, who for example has styled a short pearl necklace with a gemstone charm necklace, along with diamond chokers and dainty chains. The more mixing and matching, the better the overall look, as well as less overlapping.

It takes two (or more) to tangle

Even though layered necklaces seem to look perfect and unaffected in Instagram photos, we don’t see the pesky rearrangements that probably ensue behind the scenes. Pairing a dainty choker with one longer necklace is a classy solution to prevent tangled messes and have each piece stay in its intended place.

Opt for a dark velvet or wide diamond studded choker to be more daring. A long chain isn’t always needed, either you can switch it up by wearing more than one choker with a collarbone-length piece. That way, you can still create a stacked effect while avoiding the jumble.

So if you’d rather not worry about constantly unknotting your necklaces, a choker and chain ensemble is best for managing the layered look, and not to mention for a sleek yet seductive effect as well. An additional way is to simply throw in one or two, if not all, heavy-linked chains or weighty pendant to provide an anchor for your layers.


Wearing Pearl Necklaces

Now that you’ve picked up some layering 101, you no longer need to decide if you should wear one necklace over another. And no matter what style you’re aiming for, simplicity, individuality, and most importantly, having fun, are key to accessorizing your neckline and collarbone!

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By Lilly Duong on 06/30/2018