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Engagement Ring Shopping: 4 Reasons to Choose the Ring Together

BY Peter Vey    |    17 May, 2018
While a traditional marriage proposal often involves an element of surprise, here are 4 reasons why choosing your engagement ring together might be a better idea.

For some couples, choosing the ring together makes a lot more sense. 

It’s true that a traditional marriage proposal often involves an element of surprise. A lot of women dream about having their man to propose to them out of the blue and popping the question with a gorgeous ring. 

However, in recent years, some couples are starting to take a non-traditional route with their engagement, and opting to go engagement ring shopping together instead.

Here are 4 reasons why choosing your engagement ring together might be a better idea:

1. Less Engagement Ring Stress

Although it might not seem as romantic as being surprised, there are a lot of benefits to choosing the perfect engagement ring as a couple. Perhaps one of the most important is that the woman can actually have a say in what her ring will look like. 

Since most men aren’t the most educated on matters related to jewelry, allowing her input takes a lot of the stress out of the ring shopping process. Ideally, the engagement ring should match her unique aesthetic and jewelry style. 

Engaged Couple Holding Hands While Wearing Wedding Bands

2. The Ring Matches Her Preferences

There are also important measurements and other factors at play, such as her ring size, or whether she’s allergic to a certain kind of metal, that need to be taken into account.

If she wants to make sure her diamond is from a conflict-free zone or wants a synthetic lab-made diamond, it’s important to know this ahead of time. Shopping together resolves all of these concerns.

3. You Can Discuss the Price

Another essential benefit of exploring your options together is the ability to discuss the price. A man searching for an engagement ring alone may overspend and spend way too much money, or underspend and choose a subpar ring. 

Having a conversation with your partner ahead of time will enable you to discuss any sensitive financial considerations related to the big purchase. Besides, if the woman is the main breadwinner, it might make more sense for her to foot a considerable amount of the bill.

4. A Less Risky Proposal

Finally, engagement ring shopping together takes the risk out of the proposal. If you’ve spent weeks (or months) finding the ideal ring as a couple, there’s no uncertainty about the process. 

On the other hand, spending thousands of dollars on a ring and popping the question can be a nerve-wracking and risky experience for a guy. Sometimes it’s better to eliminate the uncertainty and address any issues before the ring is bought.

Man Proposing Marriage to a Woman After Engagement Ring Shopping


Although it’s not for everyone, for the right couple, deciding on an engagement ring together can be a romantic experience in its own right, and can make everything go a lot smoother. If you think this is something your partner might be interested in, try dropping a few hints about this alternative proposal.

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