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Sneaky Ways to Find Out Her Ring Size

BY CadCamNYC Staff    |    22 October, 2018
A mission that has haunted men for decades: how to find out your girlfriend’s ring size? There are a few approaches to consider in this quest.  

A mission that has haunted men for decades: how to find out your girlfriend’s ring size?

There are a few approaches to consider in the quest to find out her ring size. The average engagement ring size for women is between 5 and 7, but there are always exceptions to the norm.

An Exact Measurement

The most accurate way to find out your girlfriend’s ring size in inches is to get her ring finger measured at a jewelry store. Of course, she may have suspicion of what’s transpiring, so have a friend take your girlfriend jewelry shopping, and make sure she tries on some rings for fun!

Jeweler Checking Someone's Ring Size

The Jewelry Box

1. Wait until your girlfriend goes on a trip, and then choose one or two rings from her jewelry box. Most importantly, make sure you know in advance which finger and hand she wears these ring on! This is because there is often a difference in sizing between hands as well as a difference in sizing between fingers (i.e. naturally, a ring that she wears on her right thumb will be a different size than an engagement ring on her left hand). Take the rings to your jeweler, and they will be able to make a size estimation for you.

2. Try one of her rings on your finger, then take a pen and mark directly below where the ring is sitting on your finger. Next, quickly get thee to a jeweler and have them use a ring sizer to find the correct size based on where the line falls on your finger.

3.  Order a ring sizer online and measure her ring yourself! There are also printable ring size guides if you need to get her ring size faster.

Note:  *If you are using any of the above engagement ring sizing techniques, make sure to quickly place her rings back in her jewelry box so she doesn’t think they’re missing!

However, if your heart is set on the ultimate surprise engagement, and you’re wondering how to find out your girlfriend’s ring size in inches, then these tips are for you:

Exchanging Wedding Rings

Hit the Market

Take her to a flea or vintage market, and try on some rings together for fun. Make note of the sizes of the rings she’s tried on while she is distracted at another vendor.

Mom's "Birthday Present"

Purchase an inexpensive ring and say you’re planning to give it to your Mom as a birthday or Christmas present.  Ask your girlfriend to try the ring on first, as you’re.. unsure of your Mother’s ring size of course! Then, make sure you actually follow through with giving the gift to Mom.

Keep in mind that rings can always be resized by your jeweler— it’s easier to make a ring smaller than bigger, so when in doubt, size up.  Additionally, you can purchase a ring guard, which attaches to the inside of a ring, allowing your fiancé to show off her diamond without fear of it flying off her hand.


Man Presenting Engagement Ring to Girlfriend Around Friends

We hope these tips have been helpful to you, Mr. Ring Size Detective. With a bit of stealth and strategy, you’ll be able to propose with a ring that slips right onto her finger— perfect for pictures and gushing coworkers!  

By Helen Schultheis on 10/22/2018

Helen Schultheis is a Brooklyn based copywriter and on-set fashion producer. She enjoys traveling, vintage shopping and loves a good dirty chai latte.