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A Couple's Guide to Choosing the Ideal Wedding Band

BY Peter Vey    |    24 August, 2022
Choosing an engagement ring is often one of the most stressful decisions a man has to make. Here is a guide to help you make the perfect choice.

While choosing an engagement ring is often one of the most stressful decisions a man has to make, picking the right pair of wedding bands can often be another momentous decision for a couple. In fact, there’s often some confusion among couples about what differentiates a wedding ring and a wedding band.

To put it simply an engagement ring is usually:


  • More elaborate
  • Bejeweled
  • Expensive
  • Designed to express the man's passionate devotion

On the other hand, a wedding band is usually:


  • Simpler design
  • Less decorated
  • A more subtle expression of dedication

Thus, the simpler choice for wedding band is more appropriate because the wedding has already been finalized. That being said, there is no one type of ring or band that must be chosen; some men might choose a simpler, less decorated ring when proposing, and save the elegant and luxurious piece for the wedding. Whether you choose the more traditional approach, or decide to experiment and look for something different, there are always a number of options for the perfect wedding band.


Picking the Right Wedding Band

Choosing the right wedding band is quite a different process than choosing an engagement ring. The main difference is that you can explore and discuss the options and possibilities with your partner, which makes it a romantic experience in its own right.


By discovering the varied types of wedding bands with your loved one, you learn about each other’s unique tastes and preferences, and especially how they envision the ideal expression of lifelong dedication.


During this process, it’s also important to decide how similar your wedding bands should be. Some men prefer a more definitely masculine band, while others want their band to exactly match their spouse’s.


Wedding Band Collection by CadCam

Important Things to Consider

A number of things need to be taken into consideration to ensure that both of you are happy with your selections. First is the material that the bands are crafted from. Do you prefer gold or platinum, or perhaps something a little more contemporary like titanium?


Oftentimes the groom prefers the solid, durable quality of titanium metal, or other similar metals such as Sterling Silver and Stainless Steel. These metals are strong and unbreakable and are a good symbol of “enduring” love.


However, they are usually less expensive than the material that might often compose the bride’s wedding band, such as platinum or white or yellow gold. It is often common that the bride’s piece is somewhat more elaborate with additional furnishings or inlaid jewels.


To Match or Not to Match

One common concern the bride-to-be may have is whether or not the engagement ring will match the wedding band. This is a common issue and some important tips can help dispel any anxiety.


First, if the engagement ring is heavily adorned with a large, eye-catching jewel, such as sapphire or emerald, its best not to have a large jewel on the wedding band to compete; instead, the same jewel can be inlaid into the band in a more understated fashion, so that the wedding band complements the engagement ring, but doesn't compete with its splendor.


In the same way, any other quality that complements your engagement ring is a good choice for your band. For instance, if the ring is very modern and sleek, and not heavily decorated, the use of intricate designs on the band should be kept to a minimum.


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Choosing Colors 

Finally, decide which color to choose, and make sure your pieces match each other in some respect. For example, if the bride wants a two-toned yellow and white gold band, with yellow on the inside, perhaps the groom will select the same combination, but with yellow on the outside instead.


There are common traditions and trends for a simple but subtle wedding band, but ultimately, the style you choose for your band is up to you and your spouse. Whatever encapsulates your love is the right choice in the end. 


Have an idea or need further help with your custom wedding band or engagement ring? Contact us so we can make your dream into a reality.