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The Modern Man’s Wedding Bands: Trends for 2019

BY Peter Vey    |    12 November, 2018
As more modern couples are bringing their personality and personal style into their engagement rings, grooms-to-be are breaking the wedding band mold.

Men’s wedding bands have historically been quite limited to very no-frills metal bands. However, as more modern couples are bringing their personality and personal style into their engagement rings and wedding band sets, grooms-to-be are breaking the wedding band mold with some interesting new materials and details to make them uniquely theirs.

Here we take a look at the emerging 2019 trends for men’s wedding bands:

Black Diamonds

Traditionally, diamonds were reserved for the bride’s engagement ring and wedding band. However, grooms are adding black diamonds to their wedding bands, too—a low-key and masculine alternative to the classic white diamond. Oftentimes black diamonds are used as an accent around the side or edges of the band so only the wearer, looking down their finger, can really see it. Black diamonds are cool way to add some extra brilliance and intrigue to your wedding band.

Black Diamond Wedding Bands

Mixed Metals

Men’s wedding bands typically fell into one of two categories: yellow gold or white gold. But couples are breaking convention and men are starting to mix more metals into their wedding band design. Yellow and white gold will always be a classic contrast pairing but even more unconventional metals are finding their way into the mix, like stainless steel and rose gold or brushed steel and yellow gold.

Mixed Metal Band

Natural Materials

In a similar vein to mixed metals, natural materials (think rosewood, teak, or bamboo) are a growing trend in men’s wedding bands. These organic materials evoke a rugged allure and are particularly appealing to grooms-to-be who love the outdoors, work with their hands, or don’t want a wedding band that feels too precious. To improve the durability of these materials, the wood detailing is often inlaid in a metal band or supported by a metal band underneath.

Textural Details

Shifting away from the smooth and sleek feeling of polished silver or gold, texture-heavy bands are a fresh way to wear traditional materials. From etched white gold to hammered yellow gold to finer milgrain details, these surface details give your wedding band a one-of-a-kind feeling to heighten its sentimental weight. (And bonus: depending on the type of pattern you get, it can mask minor nicks and scratches and save you frequent trips to the jeweler!)

Wedding Band with Textural Details

Rose Gold Bands

Just as we saw a rise in the popularity of rose gold women’s band, rose gold is emerging as a trend for men’s wedding bands as well. By its nature, rose gold has a special softness and romantic appeal which makes it a natural choice for something as symbolically significant as your wedding band. Rose gold comes in an impressive range of pink and blush hues (thanks to the ratio of pure gold to copper alloy in rose gold) so you can find the perfect shade to suit your taste.

Rose Gold Wedding Bands

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