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The Best Fine Jewelry Accessories For Men

BY Peter Vey    |    24 August, 2022
While anyone can wear the jewelry they choose, there are some classic differences between men and women’s jewelry. Here are some of the most common styles for men. 

While anyone of any gender can wear any kind of jewelry they want, there are some classic differences between men and women’s jewelry. If a man is going for a more feminine look, the style would be more in line with women’s fashion; otherwise, for a more masculine look there are certain guidelines to keep in mind.

In general, men’s jewelry doesn’t involve vibrant displays or large colored gemstones. While having a small gemstone on a pendant could work in the right context, rings and bracelets should be more understated. Clear stones, like diamonds, could work on a ring, but only if they’re inset and not coming out of the band. 


As for necklaces, men's designs are typically wider and fuller, while women’s necklaces tend to be on the thinner side. Gold and platinum chains are a staple of men’s hip hop fashion, and often involve layering multiple chains of varying lengths.  

In the same sense, men’s bracelets are usually more bold, sleek and thick than women’s. The designs tend to be on the simpler and minimalistic side, and sometimes have tribal or simple geometric patterning. The more subtle the color the better, so steel, silver or platinum is typically preferable. As for fashion jewelry, some men prefer a plain leather bracelet, or simple black mala beads. Compare this to women’s bracelets, which often are brightly colored with intricate pattern work, or sport eye-catching gemstones. 


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Some fine jewelry never goes out of fashion for men. Gold, silver or platinum cufflinks are always a reliable choice, as well as a high-end gold or platinum watch. On the other hand, certain jewelry pieces are almost never seen on men’s fashion. Unless they’re aiming for a feminine look, it’s not common in men’s fashion to sport a brooch, hoop or oversized earrings, an anklet, or even colored gemstone jewelry. 

Millennial and Gen Z men in particular show more interest buying fine jewelry for themselves than the older generations. While Gen X and Boomers tend to stay with traditional adornments of cufflinks, luxury watches, and wedding bands, millennial males tend to be more open to experimenting with various jewelry accessories. This trend is expected to continue as the younger generations continue to explore new possibilities in fashion.


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