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The Beauty of Custom Jewelry

BY Peter Vey    |    23 August, 2022
Want to start a custom jewelry project? Discover the stages, benefits, and endless opportunities of creating your one-of-a-kind jewelry piece.

The average jewelry retail store may hold a number of interesting and unique pieces for the consumer, but does it have that special, one-of-a-kind bracelet or ring that you’ve always imagined? Probably not. Fortunately, in today’s jewelry market, custom-made pieces are becoming increasingly popular. By working with a custom jeweler, you can determine how to turn your dream into a reality.

The Stages of Jewelry Creation

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Making beautiful custom jewelry has never been easier. Here's the basic process:

  • Using the latest state-of-the-art technology, the jeweler can provide a preliminary sketch using CAD, or “Computer-Aided Design.”
  • Once the sketch is approved, the jeweler will use 3D printing to create a realistic wax model of your jewelry.
  • In the final stage, the jeweler will construct the band or bracelet in precious metals, such as 18K Gold or Platinum, and set the gems onto the piece.

Custom jewelry creation with a trusted jeweler allows you to be always involved with the jewelry making process, and there are consistent opportunities to make sure your special piece is developed as intended. 

The Benefits of Choosing Custom Jewelry 



One of the benefits of choosing custom made is that you can discuss about your piece with the person who will actually be overseeing the production of your jewelry. Many of the items in retail jewelry stores today are shipped from overseas and are lacking a personal connection.

By meeting you in person, the custom jeweler actually can find out who you are and what your style is, so the custom piece will be that much more authentic. Even over the internet or phone, a real conversation about your jewelry tastes and how you envision your piece will lead to a luxury item much more valuable and intrinsic than anything found in the store.

Different Custom Rings

Organic Emerald Diamond Ring by CadCamNYC

The power of custom jewelry is that you can dream up endless variations that wouldn’t normally be accessible to consumers. For instance, you can pick a more vintage look to match jewelry from a hundred years ago, or a new avant-garde take on a classic Anniversary Band that no one in the jewelry world has thought of. If you desire a particular shape for your ring, the jeweler can generate a model where this is taken into account.

For instance, the ring can have a sharp, irregular design or be shaped like the smooth waves of the ocean. The ring can also have different sized gems or have a particular texture carved into it. Even if you want a more conventional Bezel Set Diamond Solitaire engagement ring or Eternity Band, there are still ways you can custom design something unique and subtle for your partner or bride. 

More Custom Jewelry Options

Cuff Bracelet by CadCamNYC

Of course, custom jewelry isn’t only for rings. You can also select a custom pendant or bracelet adorned in the style of your choice. You can choose different colored flowers to decorate the pendant, a religious symbol, or other symbols like a heart. If you wish, you can have a select assortment of semi-precious stones.

Personalization for Custom Jewelry

Custom Earrings by CadcamNYC

Custom jewelry is also a good choice when you want a loved ones name crafted into the piece so that it becomes part of the jewelry itself and rises out of the ring or bracelet. You might also request a particularly rare crafting technique. For instance, you can ask for flush set diamond accents, or micro pave setting, so the gems look even more dazzling and unique.

Finally, if you have an old piece lying around that you want to “update”, perhaps a three stone ring from your wedding, you can simply have the ring changed to suit a more modern look, or set the piece with new gems.

The Choice is Yours

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There is no right way to design your unique piece of jewelry, and your choices all depend on what you think would look the most beautiful or stylish. With new technologies and an emerging demand for custom jewelry, the limit truly is your imagination.


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