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Our Fine Jewelry Lifetime Warranty

BY Peter Vey    |    23 February, 2021
We are confident in the quality of our jewelry and offer a lifetime guarantee for all of our custom pieces. Learn more about everything we cover. 

In your experience shopping for fine jewelry, you’ve likely seen that most companies and jewelry studios charge extra for adjustments or repairs on your piece. It’s very rare in the jewelry world of big chains and ecommerce giants to offer a lifetime warranty on the fine jewelry they sell. At CadCamNYC, it’s exactly the opposite: We offer a lifetime warranty on all of our products, free of charge. 

Why? Because we put our clients first and know jewelry shopping can be stressful; we don’t want them to worry about the future of their piece. Secondly, we offer this warranty simply because we have the highest confidence in the long-lasting quality and durability of our fine jewelry.

Our Quality Guarantee

Our boutique fine jewelry studio offers peace of mind and an exceptional product. Since we are confident in the quality of jewelry we make, and the expertise and precision of our jewelers, we offer a lifetime guarantee for all of our custom jewelry. 

While many companies outsource their labor overseas, we have a dedicated in-house team in New York City that takes care of all manufacturing, setting and polishing. At the same time, we have a team of 3D designers who work hand in hand with our jewelers to ensure our custom designs are not only beautiful, but functional. 

Surprisingly, some digital designers in the industry have little hands-on, manufacturing knowledge, and the end result is often a poorly crafted piece that may end up broken or damaged. Our studio is different in that all of our 3D designers have the necessary background knowledge to design fully functional pieces that are crafted to last a lifetime.

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What’s Covered

So what does this lifetime guarantee include? Essentially, if anything happens to your jewelry over the course of normal wear and tear, we’ll happily repair and bring it back to pristine condition. While this doesn’t include jewelry that was badly damaged in a situation outside of our control, such as chemical damage or an accident with machinery, we do cover all normal adjustments that may come up throughout the life of your piece. 

Polishing, Sizing, and More

First, our warranty includes annual jewelry checkups, just to make sure everything looks OK, that no stones are getting loose and any clasps or structural elements are in working order. We also cover cleaning and polishing to make sure your jewelry retains its normal shine and brilliance. Any repair for minor wear and tear is on us, and we’ll ensure your piece looks as good as new. Of course, we also cover any necessary sizing adjustments. And to make sure our clients are happy, we even cover any missing melee stones for your piece. 

When you work with CadCamNYC on a custom piece, rest assured that your project is in good hands. Our most important priority is making sure our clients are satisfied. While we craft only the highest quality custom jewelry, our lifetime jewelry warranty offers our clients additional peace of mind.

Interested in learning more about our custom jewelry?

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