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Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift Ideas Under $300

BY Peter Vey    |    20 April, 2018
We all want to give our mother the very best for Mother's Day, and a unique, well thought out gift is a must. 

We all want to give our mother the very best for Mother's Day, and a unique, well thought out gift is a must. While jewelry is often the go-to Mother’s Day choice, sometimes it’s hard to find a good bargain.

The good news is that you don't need to spend a lot to find the ideal Mother’s Day jewelry. $100 to $300 is a perfectly reasonable budget and can still allow you to find something nice. Here are some of the best gift ideas that your mother will love.

Gold Pendants Perfect for Mom

Jado Aura Pendants

Jado Crown is a fine jewelry brand whose signature collection features gold and platinum crown rings, but they also have a line of beautiful vermeil pendants that are priced much more affordably. The lovely flower shape makes the Jado Aura a great gift for any mother.

The intricate gold over silver design allows you to give your mom fancy jewelry, without the high price tag of a pure gold piece. You can choose between different color combinations, and even have them engraved with a message to Mom! We recommend going for an elegant rose gold or white gold pendant.

Enamel Charms Make Great Gifts for Mom

Gugoco Heart Bracelets

If you want a unique take on the popular heart symbol for Mother’s Day, try Gugoco’s Arahat 21 Collection. This affordable jewelry line features silver bracelets and necklaces all under $150. This kind of gift is a great idea if you think your mom prefers more sentimental and traditional jewelry for her special day.

Gugoco has a variety of different jewelry gifts available online, including picturesque charms and pendants. Find her something in her favorite color and be sure to choose some pretty packaging options as well.

Alison Lou Mother's Day Gifts

Alison Lou Gold Studs

If you’re looking for some a little more playful, Alison Lou is one of the best brands to explore. For jewelry under $300, check out their collection of 14k gold studs. These earrings are great if you want to give mom some high-end, luxury jewelry at an affordable price.

Alison Lou's gold “Mama” stud is definitely a great choice, but if you want to be a little more subtle, you can get her some letter studs with her children’s initials, or a flower earring in her favorite color. If your budget allows, explore through all of Alison Lou’s Mother’s Day collection to find the perfect piece for Mom.

Unique Custom Jewelry Made Especially for Mom

Affordable Custom Jewelry

If you're looking for something totally unique for Mom, custom jewelry is a great option. Surprisingly, a special custom piece is actually pretty affordable. You can get her any kind of jewelry made, in any shape, for much less than you'd find at the jewelry store. Learn more about custom jewelry for Mother's Day here.


These boutique shops offer some of the best options when it comes to affordable fine jewelry, and you’re sure to find something Mom will love. Take some time to explore, and pick the piece you think best honors your mother's love and dedication.