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How to Start an Online Jewelry Store

BY CadCamNYC Staff    |    10 July, 2018
Get your jewelry e-commerce store up and running. In this day and age of tech-savvy consumers, setting up your own jewelry store via the web is essentially a breeze. 

Get your jewelry e-commerce store up and running.

In this day and age of tech-savvy consumers, setting up your own jewelry store via the web is essentially a breeze. In the past, it would take a 10-20k investment just to build your e-commerce store, but now DIY platforms like Shopify and Squarespace allow for quick and easy setup.

While building a successful business won’t happen overnight, the jewelry industry’s growth looks more than promising. Over 29 million people are estimated to have purchased jewelry online per diem within the past two years, and the global online jewelry market is expected to skyrocket in numbers by 2020.

There are so many different factors to consider if you’re starting out from scratch, but all of the tools you’d need to begin are super user-friendly and practically only a few clicks away, so no computer whiz or pro web design skills would be required on your part. It’s good to mention that less start-up capital than a brick-and-mortar also makes an online jewelry business all the more doable.

Taking this into account, you must keep a few tips and tricks in mind before planning and preparing your online shop.

Defining Your Jewelry Brand and Demographic

First, you have to know two things and know them well your product/brand image and your target buyers. Make sure to ask yourself exactly what kind of jewelry you want to sell and to what kind of consumer demographic. Both elements are critical for any online business and most definitely for a jewelry business in order to make the rest of the process smooth-sailing, especially the website building process.

Establishing a Strong Web Presence

Having a good website is the obvious key ingredient in creating a good online jewelry business and perhaps the most crucial phase in getting started, which is why knowing your brand image is important. It reflects not only an aesthetically pleasing online experience for the browsing customer, but a website that’ll really speak to your niche client as well.

Choosing a Platform and Template

Carefully selected templates, fonts, and tones matching your company values/aesthetic are small details that will make your store seem reputable to customers in addition to maximizing sales. You can simply achieve this by using the many e-commerce platforms that are already out there. The best and popular ones to use for jewelry web stores are Shopify, Wix, and SquareSpace.  

These intuitive site builders have everything laid out for you in regards to the whole online shopping component, so you won’t have to worry about knowing how to set up customers’ payment information and shipping and handling. Shopify actually has templates specifically designed for jewelry stores, where they can range from basic themes for no cost at all to $180 for a premium and beautifully made one.

Stylish Woman Searching On Tablet for Online Jewelry Store

Wholesaling and Inventory

The question of wholesaling or dropshipping is finally another important aspect to consider for your online business model.  For fashion jewelry, finding a wholesaler is the hassle-free way to begin sourcing your supply if you are not looking to hand make your own products, such as AliExpress. They can also dropship your items meaning they handle all of the shipment to customers for you.

If you want to sell fine jewelry, it is ideal to start small in terms of your inventory budget since it deals with a rather extravagant backlog of diamonds, gemstones, and different karats of gold. You could slowly start to add more costly jewelry items once your business grows.


Keeping all of these important tips in mind, pursuing an online jewelry venture is nothing short of a fun learning experience where you can have every potential to evolve into an established and profitable business.

By Lilly Duong on 07/10/2018