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How to Choose the Perfect Holiday Jewelry Gift

BY Peter Vey    |    10 December, 2018
Follow these simple guidelines to find the perfect piece of jewelry to surprise your loved one on the holiday!

Considering how traditional a present jewelry is, gifting jewelry to your special someone can be a remarkably daunting task. Will they like the setting of this ring? Will this bracelet fit them? Don’t worry—we’re putting your questions to rest.  Follow these simple guidelines to find the perfect piece of jewelry to surprise your loved one with this holiday!

Set your budget. 

Before you start shopping, determine how much you want to spend. Jewelry comes in an incredible range of price points—from affordable costume jewelry to the ultra-premium haute jewelry collections dripping in diamonds—so you should never feel like you need to overspend in order for the gift to feel significant or special. It is truly the thought that counts and you should rest assured that you can find something your partner will love that won’t break the bank!

Take note of what they already wear.

Does your partner typically wear the same three pieces of jewelry every day? Or do they rotate through a handful of statement pieces to pump their outfits? Pay attention to what pieces they wear over the span of a week and see if you can find something that would fit in well with their current jewelry repertoire—perhaps another delicate stacking ring for the S.O. who always wears a stack of thin gold bands or a dramatic sterling silver cuff for the style tastemaker.

Determine if they prefer yellow or white gold jewelry.

Most people gravitate towards yellow or white gold jewelry as a matter of personal preference. Take a peek inside their jewelry box and do a quick inventory of how many yellow versus white gold (or silver) pieces your loved one has. It’s easy to figure that, for example, if they have a lot of yellow gold, they must need a piece of white gold jewelry. However, it’s more likely than not that their wardrobe or skin tone better complements yellow gold over white gold, so in that case, it’s probably best to stick with the metal that’s in the majority in their jewelry box. If you see a healthy mix of both yellow and white gold—and perhaps even with some rose gold thrown in for good measure—either color will be warmly received by your partner.

Take caution with pieces that require sizing. 

Narrow your jewelry search to pieces that do not require sizing, like necklaces or earrings. It can help alleviate one additional stressor (i.e., knowing their ring or wrist size) as you shop. That said, you can simply ask your loved one their size and measure their wrist using this printable wrist sizer if you had your heart set on giving your loved one a bracelet.

And if you really planned on gifting them an elegant ring, you have two options: Sneakily grab one of their rings and place it over this ring size chart to determine their ring size, or approximate their ring size and double-check the return or exchange policy just in case the ring doesn’t fit.

When in doubt, go with something simple. 

If you’re uncertain of your loved one’s style, play it safe with a very classic piece of jewelry: a pair of diamond stud earrings, a small bezel-set single diamond pendant, or simple small gold hoop earrings. Simpler, timeless pieces are easy to mix and match and can seamlessly slip into your beloved’s existing jewelry collection and style, even if they’re more avant-garde or punk-rock with their overall style.

Jewelry is always a romantic gift and one that is sure to delight your partner. Following these simple guidelines and taking special note of what your significant other regularly wears will give you great insight into the next perfect addition to their collection!

By TrueFacet on 12/10/2018

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