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Archie: CadCamNYC’s Rising Star

BY Peter Vey    |    12 October, 2018
There is an artist we rarely acknowledge, who prefers a precise, methodical exploration of the creative process. This artist is the bench jeweler.

When we think of an artist, we imagine a painter or sculptor in his studio, working furiously at his new creation. But there is another kind of artist we rarely acknowledge, who prefers a precise, methodical exploration of the creative process. This artist is the bench jeweler.

At CadCamNYC, bench jewelers play a crucial role in the development of jewelry art. One of our jewelers in particular, Archie, is a rising star on the CadCamNYC team. Apprenticing with our head jeweler and founder of the company, William Logian, he began to develop his jewelry craft in 2014. After 3 years as an apprentice, he was confident in his production skills, and he was given a position as a jeweler. For the past four years, Archie has been creating art on the bench and putting smiles on the faces of couples and clients, when they receive their engagement ring or finished jewelry.

One of Archie’s main strengths is that he’s adept at problem solving on the jewelry bench, even under stressful circumstances. If a client has a complex issue and needs their jewelry serviced or repaired, he uses his creativity to figure out the fastest way to address the concern. Most importantly, he’s always up for a challenge and doesn’t let any unexpected problems or concerns affect his positive attitude. Many of our frequent clients praise Archie for his precise skills on the bench, his reliability and sense of composure.

One of Archie’s central talents is his mastering of platinum work. Due to increased resistance and other factors, platinum is harder to work with compared to gold, and requires a jeweler with experience and a broad understanding of jewelry making. Archie has all of these qualities and frequently works on platinum engagement rings and other projects with ease.

In order to craft an authentic and unique custom piece, many hours of handcrafting are required. During his time here, Archie has deepened his technique and is able to craft handmade gold necklaces and other custom-designed works of art. Every year, his versatility and flexibility as a jeweler develops and he completes increasingly complex custom orders from the comfort of his jewelry bench.

Archie fits right in here at CadCamNYC---like most members of the team, he plays a musical instrument. When he’s taking a break from benchwork, you can find him on the office couch playing a Spanish guitar.

As Archie’s skills continue to mature over time, we’re excited to see the new works of art that he creates. As one of the most important and talented members of the CadCamNYC team, we’re happy to call Archie our own.