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5 Reasons You Should Work with a Proposal Planner

BY CadCamNYC Staff    |    22 August, 2018
Planning a proposal can be very difficult. You already have had to deal with saving for the ring, asking her parents’ permission, and keeping the fact that you will be proposing a secret

Planning a proposal can be very difficult. You already have had to deal with saving for the ring, asking her parents’ permission, and keeping the fact that you will be proposing a secret from your partner.  At some point in the planning process you may get stuck. Maybe you don’t know the perfect location, how to properly budget, or how to bring all the elements of your proposal idea together.

Luckily, just like brides have wedding planners to assist them on their big day, proposers now have proposal planners that can provide a helping hand to you to make sure your day is all it can be.  Here are the 5 reasons you should hire a proposal planner for when you pop the big question.

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1. Take the Stress Away from Planning

Granted some people are just natural planners, but for the rest of us, if it’s the first time doing something it can be very stressful.  When planning your proposal, you don’t need all this stress added onto you. Saving for the ring already added to your stress level so no need to add more.  A proposal planner will relieve that stress so that you can focus on enjoying your moment!

2. Provide New Locations & Vendors

Though you may have lived in your town all your life, you may not know of all the best spaces for your proposal.  This is because living in a town and planning events in a town are completely different. A proposal planner will be able to expose you to many new locations that you never had known existed that may be perfect for your proposal.  Additionally they’ll have vendor resources that may not be available to you and can potentially get you better deals (since they can send more business to vendors, they often get better rates).

If you are going to travel for your proposal then it’s almost always best to hire a proposal planner because new cities can be daunting for planning something.  A planner will let you know what locations are less crowded and what’s nicer for what you’re looking for.

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3. Ability to Keep a Secret

Imagine how hard it would be to plan something very elaborate for days and maybe weeks at a time while being in the presence of your girlfriend. It’ll be next to impossible, especially if your beau is intuitive!  A proposal planner will help make things easier to keep the secret by doing all the dirty work for you and you’ll just have one point of contact.

4. Different Perspective for New & Creative Ideas

Ok we get it. You two have been together for years and at this point it’s hard to come up with new ideas.  Enter creative proposal planners here! A proposal planner is adept at looking at your relationship and bringing out elements of it to incorporate into your proposal idea.  They’ll be able to keep the theme you want (romantic, adventurous, elegant, etc) while making it personalized to you and your girlfriend.

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5. Help You Maintain Your Budget

Though you have to pay for their services, a proposal planner can find great ways to stay within your proposal budget.  They’ll be able to scale elements of your proposal idea to your budget and can help you find the best bang for your buck.  Maybe instead of spending thousands on a venue, they can help you find a free location whereby you can instead focus your budget on decor and a photographer.  

If you’re looking to get help from a proposal planner yourself, then The Heart Bandits are the best way to go!  The Heart Bandits are world-renowned Proposal Planning Experts and have been featured on New York Times, NBC, Good Morning America, Forbes, HuffPost, and much more. They have helped plan over 3,000 proposals since starting in 2010 and can make your proposal all that you and your partner have ever dreamed! Find out more at TheHeartBandits.com