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2019 Engagement Ring Trends

BY Peter Vey    |    25 May, 2019
Planning to propose in 2019? Here’s what hot in the ring box right now. 

2019 is shaping up to be an interesting year when it comes to custom engagement ring trends. By far, the overarching theme is an emphasis on nature, both in terms of sustainable materials and also within the design elements of the ring. Aside from this, we’ll see the continued resurgence of some favorite designs from the past, such as the vintage art deco style, but of course updated and stylized to reflect contemporary jewelry tastes. Finally, we’ll even see some surprising new changes on the horizon, like incorporating pearls and twisted or mixed metal shanks into the design.

Read on to discover the top ten trends we’ll be seeing more of this year!

Lab Grown Diamonds

We can only expect this trend to grow over the next decade. More and more millennials are eco-conscious, and this sustainable mindset informs many major purchase decisions. Engagement rings are no exception. Although there are more ethical options for natural diamonds in recent years, choosing a lab grown diamond guarantees less carbon footprint and a completely conflict-free stone. Even the big diamond giants like DeBeers are capitalizing on the lab grown trend, so you know this is the next big thing. The best part is, despite being chemically identical to natural diamonds, lab grown diamonds are usually less expensive!

Lab Grown Diamonds | CADCAMNYC


Pearl Accents

Pearls aren’t normally considered when it comes to engagement rings, but this will change in 2019. We don’t necessarily recommend pearls as the main centerstone in your engagement ring; at only 2.5 on the Moh’s scale of hardness, a large pearl might not be the best choice for daily wear. However, pearl accents in the ring’s shank or the periphery of the centerstone can be a nice elegant addition. As pearl jewelry in general is coming back into the limelight, adding pearls to her dream ring can give the design a trendy touch.

Twisted Shank Engagement Rings

2019 engagement rings are all about unique twists and turns, and this plays out both literally and figuratively! You might have noticed the rise of twisted shank engagement rings that have been popping up all over Pinterest during the last year. This quirky take on the traditional engagement ring is a welcome design alteration for many would-be brides, and helps to highlight a break from the typical engagement rings of years past in favor of more eclectic ring shapes. Still, the flowing movement of the twisted shank could look just as romantic as a simple solitaire.


 Twisted Shank Engagement Ring | CADCAMNYC

Organic Designs / Asymmetry

While 2018 saw more of an emphasis on nature imagery like leaves and flowers, 2019 brings more of a focus on the “essence” of a natural and organic style. Some of the main elements of this new style are an appreciation for imperfection, asymmetry and gentler, quieter designs. Mineralogy is one example of an up-and-coming millennial brand that caters to couples looking for more naturalist designs. Many of their rings feature diamonds and gems of varying sizes, set into the ring without adhering to perfect symmetrical conventions. We can expect these unique ring styles to grow in popularity well into the upcoming decade.

Custom Organic ring Designs | CADCAMNYC

Mixed Metals

2019 is all about variety and breaking with tradition, so it’s no surprise that mixed metal engagement rings are garnering some interest. Couples are choosing interesting combos like rose gold shanks with white gold settings, or an intertwining shank made with yellow and white gold bands. This fancy mixing-and-matching is turning heads on the wedding aisle and inspiring couples to explore new options for their dream ring. Using two metal colors is a great option to represent two lovers and their romantic connection.

Antique Engagement Ring Styles

Whether it be an actual antique engagement ring from a hundred and fifty years ago, an art deco heirloom ring from the 30’s, or a new ring with antique or vintage elements, there’s no question that “old” is new in 2019. As with the resurgence of vintage fashion in recent decades, couples are gravitating towards the ring styles of the past when deciding on their perfect wedding ring. Some popular elements include hand-carved filigree galleries and colored gemstones like subtle emerald and blue sapphire accents. If you’re looking for an interesting combination of whimsical and bold design, antique or vintage is the way to go.

Custom Antique Engagement Ring Style | CADCAMNYC

Unusual, Natural or Raw Diamonds

As with lab grown diamonds, millennial consumers tend to prefer natural beauty over shiny sparkling rings. That’s why we’ll likely see a continued focus on more unusual diamond shapes as 2019 continues. This includes everything from imperfect diamond cuts, to completely raw diamond center stones, to more “earth” colored diamonds like black diamond engagement rings and diamonds in tints of brown and gray. While these diamonds might not have the perfect cut and clarity of the classic gems of choice, they do have their own unique appearance and shade that makes them a favorite of contemporary couples.

Yellow Gold

It might seem odd to label yellow gold as an upcoming trend, but the natural gold color is back in style for 2019. If you’ve haven’t been up on the jewelry trends over the years, it’s important to know that white gold and platinum were the go-to metals for engagement rings for at least the past 2 or 3 decades. Couples tended to favor the sleek, modern and classy look of white gold over the dainty gentleness of yellow gold rings. But, as we’ve seen with the other items in this list, a more subtle, natural look is a central element of many of the 2019 engagement ring wishlists. It just so happens that the once beloved, classic yellow gold is now making a comeback for many couples this year seeking a gentler, warmer ring.

JadoCrown Yellow Engagement Ring | CADCAMNYC

Natural White Gold

Although white gold will likely always be an engagement ring favorite, it seems that even this timeless look is being influenced by the naturalist trends taking over fine jewelry in 2019. Most white gold engagement rings are rhodium plated to create a whiter, more polished appearance. But some couples are skipping the plating and going for a warmer, more understated look with their white gold rings. This is a good choice for rings that already have a more vintage look, and adds that extra touch of authenticity to the piece.

Delicate Halo Rings

Halo engagement rings are popular, and they have been for some time now. The art-deco inspired design element is simultaneously bold and flashy but also feminine and elegant. While most engagement rings of years past tended to favor a perfect circular halo, 2019 jewelry will see more of an emphasis on the delicate side of halo accents. Instead of a perfect circle, couples are opting for halos that look a little more “snowflake” like or floral, with more variety in size between the gems. If you want to opt for a more traditional white gold diamond ring, adding a unique halo can add some understated beauty that won’t distract from the big sparkler in the center.


Classic Delicate Halo Rings | CADCAMNYC


While these certainly aren’t the only trends you’ll see in 2019, these are some of the big ones that are garnering the most attention. We can expect the emphasis on natural design and sustainability to only grow into the next decade, and we’re looking forward to seeing what other innovative ideas jewelers and designers come up with in the future!


If you’re interested in learning how you can create a custom ring with some of these unique design elements, feel free to contact us! As experts in custom jewelry design, we’re always on top of the latest trends and here to help.