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Arthur has a background in art and many years of experience with CAD jewelry design. His extensive training allows him to design even the most complex forms with expert precision. He's helped countless high-end brands bring their vision to life, and can quickly turn an idea or sketch into a highly detailed 3D model.


William is a master craftsman of fine jewelry, with decades of experience working with top luxury brands. He started as a classically trained musician, and he sees many parallels between the beautiful forms of music and jewelry. With his expertise and knowledge, he transforms designs into finished, perfectly executed pieces.

A Story of Tradition & Innovation

CadCamNYC is at the forefront of a new era in jewelry design and production. Our studio combines 20 years of experience with a modern focus on 3d printing technology. While we specialize in custom design and digital modeling, we're also a respected high-end jewelry manufacturer.  At CadCamNYC we will take your custom design idea all the way from concept to reality.  


That beautiful piece you've always dreamed of creating? 


It's waiting for an expert touch to finally bring it to life.